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Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
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In 1971 the Morrow County Firefighter and Squadsmens Association was formed, from volunteer firefighters in Cardington, Mt. Gilead, Edison, Marengo, and Iberia. As well as newly recruited volunteer Emergency squad members from Mt. Gilead, Cardington, Marengo, and Iberia.

The Association was directed and is under the control of a Board of Trustee’s, which consisted of a Fire Chief from each department plus one member, Squad Captain plus one member from each squad, the dispatcher Supervisor plus one dispatcher.

The Board of Trustee’s approves all expenditures and are the stewards of all funds and property of the Association.

This Association made a proposal to the Morrow County Commissioners in December of 1971 to operate Emergency squads in the County, the Commissioners supported the program. The Morrow County Firefighters and Squadsmens Association could now file with the National Transportation Safety Board, for the funds necessary for initial operations.

The Association became incorporated in 1972 as a non- profit corporation with the overall purpose to promote and advance the concept of firefighting, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and rescue work throughout Morrow County.

In May if 1972 a levy for 2 mil’s/ over 3 years for operating expenses was placed on a ballot and an estimated budget of $120,00.00/ year was passed, with the average home over paying $21.00 per year or $1.77 per month.

Morrow County Emergency squads began service at 12:01 a.m. on December 1, 1972, which operated out of four fire stations through out the County and where located in the following villages; Mount Gilead, Cardington, Marengo and Iberia. The service was initially operated by the local firefighters until plenty of trained volunteers could be found to cover the squad duty.

Morrow County had the first (yes the first) volunteer service certified by the State of Ohio along with the establishment of a central number to call for any fire/ medical emergency. It wasn’t 9-1-1, but it was close in 1972!

          In 1983 the Morrow County Firefighters and Squadsmens Association placed the fifth EMS truck in service at the Johnsville Volunteer fire department. To this date Morrow County EMS operates five EMS station throughout Morrow County.

          The Morrow County Firefighters and Squadsmens Association to this day is the governing body for Morrow County EMS and Morrow County 911. Morrow County EMS continues to rent space at the five Fire Stations throughout the County. Morrow County EMS is the primary provider of Emergency Medical Services in Morrow County and is an organization that is separate from any of the five inner County Fire Departments.

Morrow County EMS has made many advancements over the last 41 years of service moving from an all basic service to advance EMT’s allowing IV’s to be placed in the field, and now to full advance life support care now being given. Full Advanced Life Support means Paramedic personnel can start definitive care in the field, which allows more advance care begin by physicians upon arrival at the hospital.

Today the 5 stations staffed on duty 24 hours a day. Those stations are located in Mt. Gilead, Cardington, Marengo, Iberia, and Johnsville. Morrow County EMS also has a Paramedic supervisor in service 24 hours a day, that responds to Advance Life Support Calls , such as chest pain, difficulty breathing, Auto Accident etc.

Today Morrow County EMS is funded two ways, a 2.0 mil levy and revenue recovery.

First is the 2.0 mill levy. This levy is used for the operations of the EMS system. The levy money that EMS receives goes to the daily operations, rental of stations, emergency vehicles and fifty percent of the employee’s wages.

Second is the revenue recovery. Morrow County EMS bills all patients under soft billing practices. The moneys received from this practice goes to fifty percent of employee’s wages, uniforms, supplies and new equipment for patient care.

Morrow County EMS currently covers 414 square miles and an annual run volume of 3,800 runs, and has an estimated budget of $1,900,000.00 annually.

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