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Morrow County uses CodeRED, a high-speed telephone notification system, to send mass notifications by phone, email and text to keep citizens informed. In the event of an evacuation, utility outage, water main break, fire or flood, chemical spill, or other emergency situation, the City may activate CodeRED to send emergency notifications to registered subscribers. The City may also use CodeRED to communicate non-life safety matters, such as planned road closures, water main repairs, water service interruptions, etc.

There is no charge to register for or use CodeRED, and personal information is kept confidential. Registering for CodeRED is quick and easy and can be done in one of two ways:


  • Sign up for CodeRED online, or
  • Contact Morrow County 911 at 419-946-7976

Things to Know About CodeRED

  • CodeRED delivers notifications by phone, email, and/or text.
  • CodeRED is compatible with TDD/TTY devices for those who are deaf or hard of hearing.
  • When the City issues a CodeRED notification, the 24-hour Customer Service Center phone number, 954-828-8000, will appear on the caller ID.
  • Notifications cannot be delivered to phone numbers with a privacy lock feature. To ensure notifications are received, subscribers should either turn off the privacy lock feature during emergencies, enter 954-828-8000 on their “safe list” of phone numbers, or enter a cell phone number when registering for the service.
  • Individuals who have already registered for the service but would like to update their phone number or add a cell phone number to the database may do so by re-registering. 
  • The CodeRED Mobile Alert app sends geographically-based messages to subscribers nationwide.

Note for Cell Phone Only Households

The CodeRED telephone database is generated from the City’s Utility Billing records, Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping layers, and manual CodeRED registrations completed online or through Customer Service. The City or CodeRED does not have access to cell phone databases.

The Federal Communications Commission prohibits CodeRED from calling a cell phone except in life safety emergencies. Morrow County residents and business owners who only use cell phones should manually register their cell phone numbers with CodeRED to ensure they receive notifications.

CodeRED Mobile Alert App

Morrow County's neighbors and visitors can now receive enhanced public safety alerts no matter where they are through the CodeRED Mobile Alert app, a free public safety app for both Android and iPhone users. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app is similar to the CodeRED telephone notification system; however, instead of issuing calls, the app delivers community and emergency alerts to anyone located within a notification area via their mobile device.

If you are currently a CodeRED subscriber that has already registered your mobile phone to get notifications from the City, you will continue to receive calls.  However, if you download the app, you will also be able to get alerts to your smartphone anywhere in the country, including Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and Alaska.

To download the free CodeRED Mobile Alert app, visit the Google Play or iTunes store.

For more information about the app, visit Emergency Communications Network (ECN) or contact ECN at 1-866-533-6935 or 

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